Autobiography of Malcolm X report

Malcolm X was born as Malcolm Little in Omaha, Nebraska but was raised in Michigan. His father was a civil rights activist and his mother a supportive house wife. When Malcolm's mother was pregnant with him their home in Nebraska was raided by the Klu Klux Klan, who was strictly against the activism of his father. They escaped that night, but one fateful in Detroit day after Malcolm's mother and father had a heated argument he stormed into town where he would be killed by a white mob who considered him to be "uppity". After his fathers death Malcolm's family started to deteriorate, most significantly his mother. Social Services eventually stepped in as the home literally fell apart, physically and emotionally. Malcolm and his siblings were placed under the care of some friends of the family while his mother was placed in a mental institution. Shortly thereafter Malcolm became mischievous getting into trouble at school. Social Services placed him into a home with a white woman known for taking care of troubled children. He went to all white schools, where he was eventually adopted the white culture and fit in. He was even elected class president in the 7th grade.Everything seemed alright until one day Malcolm was asked by his teacher what he wanted to be when he grew up. After some thought Malcolm responded by saying he wanted to be a lawyer. His teacher responded by telling Malcolm that he was good with his hands and should be a carpenter. After that Malcolm wrote that something inside him had changed. He no longer brushed off the word nigger in the hallway and he wasn't the happy go lucky kid every one knew him to be. After while the white woman he was staying with (Ms. Swerlin) saw that he wasn't happy and had him move with the Lyons family where his siblings were for two months to finish middle school. After successfully finishing middle school Malcolm moved with his half sister Ella to Boston, M…


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