Australian Social and cultural change

Since 1901 Australia has witnessed a lot of social and cultural changes, after all a lot can happen in one hundred years. The more advanced technology, the working conditions, and family lifestyle are some of the different features, which have influenced these changes.

The most obvious change is the more advanced technology. This has hinder and helped in many areas such as transport, communication, and health. One hundred years ago, receiving information was slow, getting place to place was time consuming and living daily life was plain hard work. With no air travel, ships the only way of going overseas, sixty cars existing and the main way of transport been by horse drawn carriages, you could imagine the slow pace of the everything in 1901. Now in 2001 there are about 11,737,900 cars, air travel is at its best, and travelling by horses is basically non exsistinant. This has helped in many ways, such as, with over seas ties, which was once was hard because of Australians geographical position. Because of air travel we get more tourists into Australia and as a result we receive a higher profit every year.

Another major way in which technology has helped is in communication. One hundred years ago the way to communicate with friends and family was to post a letter or to send a telegraph message. This could take weeks or even months to receive because of the transport systems being so slow.They depended on horse drawn coaches and cars, which were in their early development stages. Also with the absence of air transport they depended on ships.Now our information can be delivered almost instantaneous with the use of the telephone, fax machines, mobile phones, use of media, Internet services and the use of air travel. Computers have help communication a great deal. With the use of computers and the Internet we are now able to write to people on the other side of the world and that person could receive at the press of a button. The n…