Andrew Jacksons And The Battle Of New Orleans

Andrew Jackson And
The Battle Of New Orleans

The Battle of New Orleans was one of the last remarkable conflicts in history.The last major land battle of the war was the war of 1812.The battle of New Orleans was fought after the treaty of peace ending the hostilities, was signed.The United states declared war on Great Britain in June of 1812.The war did not threaten Louisiana till the end of the war with the battle of New Orleans because most of the war had been fought on the border of Canada.The British force had more than 5,000 veterans, a little less than one half of them died at the battle of New Orleans.The Americans had about 5,700 men.Only a third of them even fired a shot during the action, but they only suffered 71 casualties.The American commander General Andrew Jackson became very famous from the victory at New Orleans.His winning eventually led to his becoming the seventh president of the United States and the founder of the modern Democratic political party.(Adams 109-110)

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Andrew was born at the South Carolina settlement of Waxhaw on March 15,1767.He became a orphan at the young age of fourteen.He and his two brothers, Hugh and Robert, lived with their aunt.He attended school for only a few years.All three brothers fought in the American revolution.Hugh was killed in 1779.Teen-aged Jackson and his older brother, Robert, fought side by side in many skirmishes against the British in South Carolina.After the battle of Hanging Rock the two boys were thrown into jail, where they both contracted small pox.Andrew was able to recover but Robert died.(Remini 1-6)

After the Revolution Jackson lived in Charleston, South Carolina, and then moved to Salisbury, North Carolina where he began to study law.After studying law for two years he began his own practice in Martinsville, North Carolina,Shortly after he moved to Nashville Tennessee.There he met and married Rachel Don…


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