Ancient China

Around 1100 B.C the Chinese people were fashioning ideas that would result in unique civilization. The Chinese emperor Wudi created a school that helped students prepare for examinations for positions in the Civil Service. Which is a system that allowed anyone with abilities to attain public office. The administration of china's government came under the control of the mandarin. A class of well educated officials.
Chinese family's were a strict hierarchy, In which members were ranked in order of importance under the father. Chinese's physicians recognized nutrition as a vital importance. They realized that some diseases resulted from vitamin defiance's. Although they did not identify vitamins as such, they discovered and prescribed foods that would correct some problems. They also understood that many herbs had medical value. Chinese Doctors treated families with aliments and relieved their pain with a technique called acupuncture, in which the skin is pierced with thin needles at vital points.
The members of a Chinese family of the Han era lived and worked together. In an ideal family every member knew his or her role and the duties that went with it. Chinese family members cared especially about filial piety, or what we would consider our children's respect for their parents. The typical household in Han China was made up of a nuclear family, which included only parents and children. There were also extended family's, which consisted of parents, children, grandparents, and other relatives living together in one household.
Finally there was a Chinese theory, which was related to Daoist ideas was the concept of yin and yang, the two opposing forces believed to be present in all nature. Also Confucius finally found a way to spread his ideas by becoming a teacher, and Individuals, Confucius taught, lived according to the principles of ethics.


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