Analyzing the Responsibility of the Attack on Pearl Harbor

Analyzing the Responsibility for the Attack on Pearl Harbor

Americans were greatly surprised by the Japanese attack on the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor. The attack occurred during a time when most Americans held to a particularly strong Isolationist view.Most Americans believed that it was in the best interest of the United States to stay as removed as possible from the international conflict.Americans thought that by staying uninvolved, the United States would keep away from the conflict that engulfed a great part of the world.
This unfortunate belief led to a false sense of security that left Americans shocked and unprepared for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
The fact that Americans did not expect such an attack caused them to be totally unprepared for one.The United States armed forces at the time were completely unprepared.Congress had not appropriated enough money to prepare the military adequately.This lack of funds caused the United States Pacific Fleet to be weak and susceptible.The United States military intelligence was at worst inadequate and not capable of predicting the attack and at best irresponsible for not making sure that information that could have saved the Pacific Fleet ever reached its military commanders.

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A nation cannot depend on the head of its government to coordinate all areas of political and military command.This must be undertaken by a number or responsible people with expertise in different areas.Military intelligence and command, diplomatic measures and legislation must all be coordinated in preparation for the possibility of conflict.The lack of this coordination led to a number of causes for the events at the attack at Pearl Harbor and the loss of American lives that occurred.

The blame for the attack on Pearl Harbor rests with both the leaders of government in Washington and the military leaders who commanded the naval base.This respon…


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