allegory of the cave

Marriage is an ancient institution that binds people into the most basic of social groups, the family. Until the Council of Trent, in 1563, marriage in Europe was conducted in private with an exchange of vows, dowry and the physical consummation of the union, a common law marriage. After the Council of Trent, those Catholic nations, required a priest and witness where asnon catholic nations fallowed suite and created marriage laws, that required a minister or witness.InAmerica during the early 19th century marriage law stated only adult men could marry non Negro adult women, mixed race marriages were not allowed to marry. The natural and historical right of marriage was denied to a small minority, from the very beginning. The justices felt that the product of such a mixed race union would cause infertile or weak and mongrel children.
The dangers of gay marriage lay in a perceivedimpact on societal marriage systems. Many of the opponents of gay marriage reflect similar arguments of 19th century opponents of mixed race couples, that it is against God and nature. The opponents of gay marriage also correlate same sex marriage with low marriage rates and high out of wed lock birth rates.The criticsconclude that same sex marriage increases the cultural separation of marriage and parenthood, which inevitably leads to the dissolution of the institution of marriage. Those in the early 19th century argued that interracial marriage would produce similar results. According to social scientists who study Scandinavia's , predominantly Sweden and Norway, marriage practices derives that the decline in traditional marriage after thefirst or second child, is related to the social consequences of equatingmarriage to same-sex marriage legislation . It is to be noted that in European cultures it is common for couples to marry after thefirst or second child and that this practice may have no correlation to same sex marriage. By dil…


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