Alcohol has been around for over 8000 years, Archaeologists have found that by 6400 B.C. people had discovers how to make alcohol in the form of Beer and Berry Wine.The distillation process where fermented solution containing alcohol was heated and the vapours collected and condensed into liquid to create "spirits" have been believed to be discovered in Arabia.Egyptians, Hebrews, Greeks and Roman leaders were all notorious for their drinking habits.By the 1500's distillation of whiskey was common in Ireland.It was also reported that the people Columbus met in the Caribbean had their own Beer.People have proved that society needs alcohol.All attempts to suppress alcohol in Europe and America have failed, and in the US alcohol consumption actually increased during Prohibition period.Today Ethyl alcohol is the effective chemical in the millions of different alcoholic products available on the market.
People usually start drinking between 13-14 years of age on weekends or at social events.As they get older they tend to drink more, at age 13, 40% of teens claim to be nondrinkers but by the time they reach 18 the total is reduced to 10%.Teenagers start to drink for many reasons:
1) Experimentation- Curiosity to feel the effects that they hear from others.
2) Peer Pressure- Usually teens reject an individual who doesn't drink; there are also pressures from the culture they grow up in.
3) Adolescent Adjustment Problems- During adolescents so many changes occur that creates stress, feelings of depression, confusion, disorganization and helplessness.By drinking the teen is able to feel a false sense of normality.
4) Family Life Adjustment Style- Family problems or accidents have put many teenagers into abuse of alcohol.Events like divorce, death of a family member especially a parent or family conflicts.The teen uses alcohol to push these problems aside.


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