Albania is a country located in western europe its between grece and italyyogoslavia.This is a very veryold country this this one of the most encient countries in europe and the population tooo,when the roman people were alive that is when albania was alive and when the greek peole were alive too that is when albania was those three are the most encient people ine the world and albanians back than were called ilir and the name of albania was iliriso most people might not know this but i lived there for 13 years and i know its true.Their hero is theirfirst princ named GJERGJ KASTRIOT SKENDER BEU he was th efirst princ that was kidnaped by turkish people and treined there by them against albania while in albania most of his family were killed by the turkish army even though he was only 9 when he got kidnaped form albania he still remembersedso he grow up into a very stong man and he told the turkish people that he was going too fight against albanians and what he does is get all the guy in the army that were albanian and tells them hids paln.HIs paln was that he ws going to go to abania and not fight against the m but fight for them and he wins the battle against the turkish people and know albania was free becouse it had been under Turky for 30 years and SKENDER BEU becomes king again.And his fanous speach was my dear Albanian people I did not bring you your freedom I found freedom right here in the middle of you.he rulled in the 1400’s.


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