In life friends and family can be very helpful because you know they care about you and you can always count on them. I am a very lucky person because I have many relatives on both sides of my family that are very caring and supportive and I enjoy being around all of them, but My aunt and uncle on my fathers side were two of the greatest people I have ever met. They lived in Florida so I didn't get to see them as much as I would have liked to.
Every time we went on vacation in Florida they would invite us to visit them and my mother, father sister and I would all go over and usually stay all day, have dinner and me and my sister would usually sleep over while my parents went out. Their house was right next to the Indian River. It had a dock and a small boat. They also had two dogs a very old one and a younger terrier. I remember my aunt teaching me how to use a snorkel and mask in a pool. She would always show me how to do cool things like how to catch and cook a crab. Every moment I spent there I enjoyed It was a lot like going to your grandparents house. They would always make sure I ate and I would never even have to ask for food. They would also let me do things that my parents probably wouldn't have approved of. They had a car that was older and it had no seatbelts they would let me stand on the seats and stick my head out the sunroof while they were driving. Or letting me try to walk across the Indian river, which is mostly very shallow but some parts are deep, I never made it across because I got to a deep part and I was younger and new to swimming. My aunt also had many cool decorations in the house from places she would like to the Caribbean and Japan things like a glass coffee table that had various pieces of coral, crab shells, sponges and shark teeth and lots of paintings and other art that I never really noticed because I was to busy looking at the things inside the coffee table. I would also catch a lot of l…


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