During the last twenty years, abortion has became one of the most debatable
subject of controversy in the United States.There are two sides to this issue.Pro-life
supporters consider as true that every child conceived should be born.Pro-choice
supporters believe that every child should be wanted, not born out of resentment.A
pro-lifer thinks that from the moment of conception, the fetus is alive.Pro-choicers feel
that the decision to abort a pregnancy is the right of the mothers and the government
should have no right to interfere.These two opposing beliefs have created a moral
dilemma in America.The number of abortions has increased greatly over the past few
years.In the United States, at least 1.6 million babies are aborted.
Allowing abortion to be legal is immoral.The unborn child is bereaved of their
rights.Many people are too concerned with the “rights” of the woman to see the miracle
that is happening within her.The government does not give us a right to kill an innocent
person to solve our personal problems.Each individual embryo is unique in it’s own little
way.If that embryo was aborted, there would never be another one exactly like it.As a
human being, we consist of forty-six chromosomes to make up what sex we are.Two sex
cells which each contain twenty-three chromosomes have to be combined to form a human
being.As the two sex cells combine, the human being is conceived. The tiny conception
becomes known as the zygote and the inherited characteristics of a unique human being
has been established.About fifteen thousand genes from the sperm and ovum form a
unique combination.The single-celled fertilized ovum cannot be considered a part of the
The fetus inside a woman’s body is capable of feeling pain.It develops the senses
for pain around twenty-six weeks after conception.Ultra sound, fetus copy, study of the


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