Abe Lincoln

The book is Abraham Lincoln by Russell Freedman.It was published in in 1987
in Chicago.The author of the book wants you to realize how good of a person president
Lincoln was.He says “Lincoln was a mysterious man, but is a great American folk hero.”
“Abraham Lincolm stood out in a crowd as much for his wit and rollicking humor as for
his height.”Lincoln was admired by many people and they loved his way of acting
towards the common people.He was loved by everyone.Anyone who admired
Abraham Lincoln or was wanting to learn more about him would want to read this book.
People of all ages could read it and they would get a lot out of it.Not only do you read
about Abraham Lincoln but about our country’s history and what he did for it.
This book covered many aspects of Lincoln’s life.He showed pictures of him as a
president and showed maps of where he lived and during the war what things he did for
certain parts of the country.This book was very easy to read because it went in the same
order as his life.From a small boy to a grown man and then finally it talked about his
death.It covered everything he did both good and bad, from boy to grown man.
I learned many new things about Lincoln and what he did.I always thought of
him as a grumpy old man.The only reason he looked so sad and gloomy was becasue of
the way he looked.He knew that he wasn’t a very good looking person, but he covered
that up with his charm and humor.I also learned that Lincoln spent a lot of time studying
while he was growing up.One reason he knew how to handle things and deal with
people is because of the way he had learned to talk to them.
In this book there is an index.Is is very useful if you are wanting to look up a
certain event that Lincoln was involved in or anything he did during this time period.It


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