Aaron Burr

Aaron Burr may best be known for his duel and victory against Alexander Hamilton, however, there are numerous important events about his life that go unmentioned. While many know Aaron Burr was elected vice-president of the United States in 1800 under Thomas Jefferson. However, what most don't know is that Burr was also extremely intelligent, receiving admittance to Princeton when he was at the ripe old age of thirteen. (www.odur.let) He was a colonel for the Continental Army, and helped tirelessly with the war efforts. Burr was also a great father, he resigned from war after his daughter, Theodosia, was born. (www.odur.let) His political skills were also extraordinary. He was the Senator of New York, along with many other minor stints in office. (www.odur.let) However, one of his most unknown attribute is the one that should most certainly be associated with his name. He was tired for treason, and the whole ordeal started in 1804. (www.law.edu) It started when Burr began preparations for a military expedition after his term of vice-president was up. While many believe Burr's motives where treasonous, he believed they were patriotic, saying, "There! You see? What was treason in me thirty years ago is patriotism now!" (Daniels) Many believe Aaron Burr should be forgotten for his evilness, however, I believe he should be praised for his outspoken voice and his superior intelligence of his time. Aaron Burr is a man worth knowing because of his political career, his wonderful efforts as a father, his notorious duel with Alexander Hamilton, and for his treason trial and acquittal.
Aaron was a very precocious youngster. When Burr was in his teens, he took up the family practice of going into the ministry. (www.odur.let) However, in 1774, when he was eighteen, he broke away from theology. He ventured to Connecticut, where he entered the law school of Tapping Reeve. (www.odur.let) He was growing restless there, and i…


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