Yugoslavia-War and Peace

The U.S. has a very important job throughout the world.Not only does the government and the military have an important job, but the people do also.As citizens of the U.S., we are talked about around the world about our freedom of speech.Some countries don't approve of our ways, but it is our choice.And on the other hand some countries look on us to help them improve their government.We are number one in the world and that means we have a major responsibility.When countries call upon us to help them in time of need, we should be there with manpower and foreign aid.
Our overall role in the world is too help keep peace in other countries.We should stick up for the little countries that need help against a country that we don't believe in.For example, the U.S. has a current conflict with Iraq and the U.S. is helping Kuwait from being taken over.Being number one puts a big burden on our shoulders.Other countries look up to us for help.As for other nation's rights, we should give all nations an equal voice in a matter if it concerns them, and help out in a peace process.We shouldn't have any special rights just because we are number one in the world of nations.We should be partly responsible for some actions in the world.If we were called upon to help in a situation and that country gets beat, then we should be held partly responsible.But only if that was our own fault.
We should be most interested in places of the world like the Middle East.The U.S. imports oil from the Middle East, and without oil, our country would practically fall apart for a time being.Oil runs our cars, provides electricity for some people's homes.Without oil, there would be absolutely no transportation.Another nation of interest is Panama.The U.S. has given back the Panama Canal back to Panama.If another country takes or tries to take it over, the U.S. should step in.Panama is a major shortcut …


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