Youth in Germany

What is it like, to be young in Germany today? Many kids and young adults seem to be without any perspective for their future. They are disillusioned and frustrated. But is it really that bad? I don't think so. Of course, in some cases things are worse and therefore I am going to have a look on some general problems of our generation in this essay. It may be that I am not always able to hide my very personal view of being young in Germany, but as I am a part of this generation it might be all right.
To start off with a topic, adolescents of all generations and countries are confronted with I am going to talk of kids and their place in society. When kids are in puberty, they just don't know where they belong to. As even Britney Spears articulates young females' dilemma with singing "I'm not a girl, but not a woman yet" we can imagine that this is a quite central problem for young people (why else should Britney's song be that popular?). But maybe it is really harder for young people to find their place, today. Everybody has to be like everyone – unless s/he doesn't want to be an outsider. This starts with wearing "the right clothes" and goes on with other materialistic things. Unfortunately, this is no "Playstation-game" we stick in, this is reality. In this consume-orientated culture only few kids and young adults seem to be interested in real concerning topics like politics or their environment.
As I get more and more interested in the politics of the 1960's and 70's I start to miss this thought of making things better, today. For sure, we can be satisfied with the society we are living in, but aren't there still things which are worth fighting for? Don't we have the obligation to speak for the people who are not able to? What is about the people in the so-called "Least Developed Countries"? We have to see to it that the globalizati…


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