XiaoDouzi and Huanhuan

"Xiaodouzi", the name of a little dog, means "a little bean" in Chinese; while
"Huanhuan", is the name of a big cat, meaning pleasure. They are two sweethearts of my
mother-in-law. Since her two sons left for Canada, they have been wiping out her
loneliness. Besides the different meaning of their names, they differ in looks, habit and
Xiaodouzi, with short snow-white hair, is more like a snowy ball. Four black dots
are projected on his face: two acute eyes, one short upward nose and one small projecting
mouth. Under his white hair are his short legs. The legs are so short that sometimes they
are hard to see. Therefore, when Xiaodouzi moves, he looks more like a white fury ball
rolling back and forth on the ground. In contrast to Xiaodouzi, Huanhuan, with long
brown hair, looks like a state "general". On his face, more angular than Xiaodouzi's,
there are two round and bright eyes like two emeralds, one long and lofty nose and one
narrow triangle-shaped mouth. His legs are longer and stronger than Xiaodouzi's.
Except for their different looks, Xiaodouzi and Huanhuan are sorted into two polar
types: the active and the lazy. Xiaodouzi can't keep still even one minute in daytime. He
is also an early bird. Everyday at 4:00 or even earlier he is already shaking his tail and
waiting near the door to go out. He always captures each chance of going out. Outside he
will catch up to moving cars, walking people and even dancing fallen leaves in the wind.
He very likes outdoor activities. Huanhuan, in contrast, stays at home all day. Sleeping
may occupy most of his time. He is fanatic about sleeping under the sun in the chair near
the window. Only eating and his master's call can tear him from sleeping.
In addition, Xizodouzi and Huanhuan enjoy differ


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