Women respected in Afghanistan

Many women in Afghanistan are treated badly, and they don't have many rights. After the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, respect for women went downhill from there. They are treated like dirt and not respected, not the way they should be. Many girls don't go to primary school. Primary school is Elementary school; three percent of girls go to primary school, compared to the 39 percent of boys that go to primary school. (Greenwood 12) The average fertility rate in Afghanistan is 6.9 children per each childbearing woman, this is abnormally high for a country, and the US is much lower than that. It isn't per every family; it is per every woman, which means that out of 100 women there are probably around 650 children. Seven out of eight women have no access to getting contraception, meaning that they have no control over there fertility. There are many disorders in Afghanistan for women, but one of the major one is gynecological, which means that many women cannot have babies because they have some type of disease or problem, that messed up their fertility, that might have been prevented.
Before the Civil war in Afghanistan many women had jobs, and some were even respected. ("Facts") Once the civil war started the workplace became very hazardous for the women to work so they were not aloud to keep their job. Although some of them did keep their jobs. After the Taliban took over Afghanistan, women were banned from having jobs. Which meant that the women relied on the men to make money and pay for their children. Women were not allowed to participate in political activities. So a committee of 2020 women participated in Loys Jirga, it was a protest for women that the council organized. In 1964 and Afghani constitution was written which granted women franchise. In September 1996, the way the women were living in Afghanistan came to a halt, since the Taliban Militia t…


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