Why Study Asian American Community

There are lots of reasons why Asians American and non Asian American learn about the Asian American community. Some reasons that Asian Americans studies the Asian American community is that they can benefit a lot from it, which are; to expand and improve what they know about what other Asians have done to achieve the freedom they have today and the hardship that they have endowed in order to have what they have. Non Asian American learns it to develop the knowledge to acknowledge the achievements and the hardships of the Asian American Community. It can also give Asian Americans and non Asian Americans to gain and advantage in the future because the variety of majors, anthropology, history, fine arts, political science, sociology, literature, theology, marketing, and finance nicely complements the Asian Studies.
The reason why Asian Americans should learn about the Asian American community are for them to learn about their culture, customs, and learn of where they came from and how great and different their culture is. They should know about what their people have been through and what that have achieve in the past. Asian American learn about their community to be aware of the disadvantages that the community has and what the can do to improve and change those disadvantages. They learn about the community of what they can do to improve and help their community become stronger.
Even though non Asian Americans are not learning to have the same things as Asian Americans they are very similar. The non Asian Americans learn it to improve on their knowledge of other cultures and become more appreciative of other cultures. They might not do anything to help out the community but may learn it and know about it to support the idea and not be in the way of those who do. It is very helpful for them to learn it as well because then they will realize how grateful they are and wouldn't take what they have for granted. Non Asian Americans l…


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