Why Should We Study Chinese civilization

China is occupied by a quarter of all the people in the world. It has the longest continuous culture surviving from ancient times. As a state China is bringing more and more enormous influence in the politics and economics of the twenty- first century. Now there are a lot of interactions between China and other countries in the world. Through these interactions, we find getting understood each other is very important. It??s often because of the lack of knowledge of China??s history that we have difficulties in understanding more thoroughly about China. By studying Chinese history, we can get more understanding about of China and Chinese culture, and strengthen the relationship between Americans and Chinese.
First, we can know the great contribution that China has made to the world, so it??s worth of getting the respect from the people of other counties. The greatest contribution I thnk is the Chinese literature works which have been created during this 3000 years. There are a lot of works such as Si ma Qien, Tao Yuenming, Li Bai, Du fu, Bai Letian, Su Dongpo, and the novel “Sanguoyanyi” in which Liu Bei, Zhuge Kongming and other members play actively. This literature must be the richest and most historied than any other. Chinese literature is cultural heritage worthy of boasting to the world. On the other hand, the culture of Chinese character has influenced on Japanese culture, which is in the world of the culture. Basho, Soseki Natsume, and Masamitsu Miyagitani as well as the poets in Manyo were influenced by the culture. In addition, Japan has developed Eastern spirit in its thought through the literature of Chinese character. In order to consider what Japan should be like we should understand China. Besides, the relation between Japanese culture and Chinese culture is meaningful in considering acceptance and influence of cultures of other countries, which is a global issue.
Second, the Chinese history gives us a useful l


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