Why I’m a Proud Dominican

Located in the middle of the chain of islands that make up the Eastern Caribbean is a beautiful island known as “The Nature Island of the Caribbean”. It’s a spectacular and lush with flora & fauna. It’s an island of unique culture, unique language, spontaneous carnivals, national symbols, and truly delicious food. It’s also home to a continuous geothermal-volcano and dangerous, boiling lakes. These are just some of the many things that make up my homeland, the Dominican Republic.
The Dominican flag consists of a central emblem that shows the national bird of Dominica, the Palmchat, in flight, flying toward greater heights, fulfillment and aspirations. The ten lime green stars represent the ten parishes. The colors red, yellow, black, white and green speak boldly of Dominica;s commitment to social justice, equal status, the sunshine of our land, our main agricultural produce, the clarity of our rivers and waterfalls, and the purity of aspiration of our people.
Our island is rich in black soil that gives us a fertile forest and creates lushness of the island.
The national flower, sabinea carinalis, is an indigenous flower and has always been present on our island. Therefore, it can be said that this flower represents the continuity of our young people and longevity of our elders.
The national anthem, popularly referred to as ;The Isle of Beauty; retained upon achieving our independence speaks boldly to me as it reflects the splendor, blessings, unity, hard work and the natural beauty of our island.
Dressed in my colored tie, black pants, white long sleeve shirt, red sash and black shoes, I am noticed by all who see me. Nothing seems to impress visitors to Dominica as much as our clothing, in either one or the other version of our Creole wear.
Music, culture, people and wild celebration merge to form what we know as Carnival. It is the most festive time of the year where there are no enemies and ev…


I'm Sandulf

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