Why I live in Sydney

Sydney is one of the world’s great cities. Sydney, regarded as the cultural and financial heart of Australia, has one quarter of the country’s population living in its metropolitan area. These 4 million residents are made up of people from the widest ethnic backgrounds, and the number is still increasing. Every year, thousands of people flood into here and settled down in here for their whole life. Sydney has its unique characteristics that inspire people coming in here. These special features can be described in several categories, education, employment, communication, welfare and entertainment.
Sydney has the complete set of education system that the parents care the most for their children. Children start school in kindergarten, go through primary and secondary school, and finally finish off at university. There are relatively large numbers of universities in Sydney when compared to other cities; the most popular ones are the New South Wales University, University of Sydney and Macquarie University. Its high schools include both private and public institutions, boarding, co-educational and of various religious denominations with the International Baccalaureate course available in some. In most suburbs primary schools are within walking distance from home.
Employment is also an important factor that made up such a flourishing Sydney. Many people migrated here to look for jobs, earn incomes so they can satisfy their wants, needs and have higher living standard. The variety of jobs allow different kinds of people to apply for, hence everyone has quite equal chances to be employed. Moreover, the great opportunities of opening their own companies in Sydney are also a factor, as they may earn loads of money in such a dense populated city.
Sydney is a convenient city for its citizens to go around. It has roads and highways that spread like spider-webs all over Sydney, everywhere is accessible. Also there are many choices of t


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