What do you think it means to be Czech

What do you think it means to be Czech? Consider aspects of life in this country that might seem interesting to a foreign visitor to this country.
It is very diffucult to consider the aspects of life of Czech nation as such. This piece of work will never be generalised to all the Czechs, as far as we are influenced by our friends and people we get in contact with. However, the personality of typical Czech man is probably best portrayed in Svejk, book written by Jaroslav Hasek.
Czech people are well known across the whole world for being a sporting nation. This mythus has originated in various successes of national hockey and football teams, athletes and other sportspeople. As it always happens the truth is somewhere else. We actually prefer the passive spending of leisure time, such as watching football and other matches in television. When you take as an example the most spread sport in this country – football you can realize that most men have a season ticket and go regularly to all the matches of their local team. It is a kind of social event. Actually the stands are the right place, where you can find the true Czechs. It is not usually difficult to recognize them, they carry on arguing whether the referee umpires the match correctly, drink beer in plastic cups, have excellent remarks and know best, how to play, score and of course win. Sometimes it can even happen that a real fight begins with vulgar words and eyes full of anger.
Czech cuisine is very specific and not everyone likes it. The ideal Sunday's lunch is sirloin with four dumplings and a glass of beer. Who would not be full after eating such a big portion? Czech republic is also known for the production of good beers. Beer is a national drink, the cheapest one and heavily drank one. You can get it in every pub. That gets me to the point that Czechs spend a lot of their free time in pubs, drinking beer and chatting with their friends about current p


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