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Nikki Yolande Giovanni is one of America's most recent poets who gained fame as a writer during the 1060s. Nikki Giovanni, better
known as the "poet of the people" wrote in hopes of influencing the Civil Rights Movement and the women's movement. Later on in her
writing career, her areas of writing spread to politics and children's books, allowing a greater audience to relate to what she had to say. Her
African-American heritage has greatly influenced her writing, leading her to be one of the most widely read poets of today. She was not an
author who wrote to entertain, but rather an author who wanted her voice to be heard. Before Nikki's birth, Nikki's family had to flee their
home in Albany, Georgia to Knoxville, Tennessee in order to flee persecution by whites because of something her grandmother had said.
She went to school in a segregated school for girls. Nikki played small roles in the Civil Rights Movement by doing small things as marching
with other blacks to protest a recent hate crime.
In reading Nikki Giovanni’s, Love Poems, I felt that she has been tricked or mistreated with men in her lifetime. But on the other
hand, I believe she was also in love. Her poems inspire young people to watch who they are dating and what could happen while being
with someone special. Giovanni talks about things that could lead up to sexual intercourse, also. However, men in her life may have
cheated and lied to her. In addition, maybe she was deeply in love with a man that just did not treat her like a woman.
In one way or another, Giovanni is smart, straight to the point and has emotionally candid poems. But she turns somber and reflective as
she expresses the love at a daughter and mother, and how a woman’s deep down love for a man that far outlasts the giddy romp of
romance. Donna Seaman from Booklist states, “Giovanni is one of


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