Wasteland – Rio's Garbage Pickers

Vik Munaz wanted to change the lives of humans. To help them out and made their lives better. He was an artist that made millions by his pictures that he made out of all kinds of materials. In the movie "Wasteland" it shows how Vik tried to help these people that wanted help. Making them believe that they could have something better in their life's and can do whatever they want if they believe in themselves. He wanted to create pictures of them out of garbage and sell them to give the money to these people so they could have better lives. Vik went to Rio, Jardim Gramacho the biggest landfill in Rio that brought seven tons of garbage to it daily. The reason he went there was to change the lives of the people that were working in the garbage, known as "pickers." They would go through the garbage that was dumped and pick out the recyclable materials. Vik watched this for a day before he found Isis, Zumbia, Tiao, Irma, Magna, and Suelem. He took these six people and got their story of why they became pickers at the wasteland.
Vik's story can relate to the poor pickers because he grew up in the poorer area of Rio. The only reason he got out was because he was shot by a rich drug dealer; while trying to break up fight, the rich drug dealer gave him money and he took it and moved to the United States. He grew up with nothing but had everything he needed to be happy and survive. Vik started making art out of materials that had the same concepts of the picture. He became rich from making and selling his pictures. Vik heard about the wasteland from his friend Fabio. Vik decided to go over to Rio and try and help the pickers. Show them that life isn't bad and they can do better for themselves. Atfirst Vik said that the people he will be helping the roughest people, drug addicts, end of the line people that are no different than the garbage. This being a classism statement it soon changed after arriving t…

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