War In Iraq

The war in Iraq was wrong and could have been handled in a more mature fashion, rather than going straight to war. This past year, The United States and Iraq were at war because Saddam Hussein did not cooperate with United Nations weapon inspectors or with the United States. The United States felt that Saddam was hiding weapons of mass destruction throughout Iraq. The UN went through months of talk to try to get Saddam to let weapon inspectors fully inspect every building that could have held weapons of mass destruction. After months of negotiations between the UN and Iraq, the United States decided that Saddam posed a threat to the world even though there was no solid evidence that he had any weapons of mass destruction.The UN denied every proposal for a war that the United States drew up. In the end, they choose to go directly to war rather than wait for UN talks with Iraq. Though there was a concern of a threat, it did not give President Bush the right to go to war without UN approval or evidence. Countries such as Germany and France opposed the war and some Arab countries felt that the United States should go through the UN before entering Iraq.
In the months prior to the war, the UN was desperately trying to find a way to get Saddam to let inspectors into the country to inspect the weapons that he has. Once they were able to inspect off limit areas they found warheads. Hossam Amin, head of Iraq’s national monitoring directorate, said “It is neither chemical, neither biological. It is empty warheads. It is small artillery rockets. It is expired rockets. They were forgotten without any intention to use them, because they were expired since 10 years ago.”The war heads that were found were basically empty and were also expired. This showed no evidence that they were still making new warheads with chemical or biological material. In an article found on CNN.com, Hans Blix, the chief UN inspector, stated that they were not sure y…


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