Voyage to Guinea: The European Slave Trade in Africa

In the early 15th century Americans started traveling to Africa and capturing people to bring over here for slaves and labor. On the journey over here on the ships many cruel and un-Godly things happened to the slaves. Almost one-third of all the slaves that were captured never made it to America. The people who captured them would bring to many back on the ships. They would star to run out of food (most of the time it was only oatmeal, or mushed bread and water), and they would throw the smaller, weaker people over the side of the ship. To make sure they would die, they would tie huge rocks to their ankles. Usually thefirst to go were the women and children. There is an account of a woman who had a baby that would not stop crying for anything. The workers on the ship poured hot water on the baby to shut it up. When that did not work the made the mother whip the child herself. After all that did not work the decided to make the mother throw the child overboard.


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