Violation of U.S. Soldiers in South Korea

Last week, media reports announced that the Chinese army is facing a new problem. They are not being defeated by a foreign invasion or struggling against advanced military weapons. The army of the world’s largest nation is becoming weak from too much studying. China’s People’s Liberation Army recently made up a new physical exam to test new recruits. Xinhua news agency reported that out of 20 young college graduates, only 3 passed the physical check-up. Most of the other students failed because of poor eyesight or health problems due to weight. All over the country, there are reports of growing rates of obesity in young people. Near-sightedness is also more common than ever before. Why the sudden rise in unhealthy young people? It’s mostly because of too much time spent studying. Starting from elementary school up until college, Chinese students study all day and night. They don’t have time for physical exercise. Does this sound familiar? Yes, Korean students seem to be following the same sad trend. Ten ~ fifteen years ago it was not common to see very overweight girls and boys in Korea. Now, anywhere you go, you notice kids struggling with weight problems. It’s not hard to see what the problem is. Kids are sitting at desks all day. They eat junk food late at night just to stay awake. There isn’t enough space or time to play outside. So, when they’re not stressing and studying, teens entertain themselves with their computers. This not only results in unhealthy bodies, but poor eyesight. Sometimes it seems like more kids in the nation wear eyeglasses than not. For boys that must later do military service, being out-of-shape can often be traumatic. It is extremely difficult to suddenly go through hard exercise and training, if all you’ve ever done is eat, study, and sleep.
The world is working on finding a balance between nations to avoid war. Korean leaders are trying to maintain independent political strength, while keeping friendly…


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