In the southeastern most part of Asia, Vietnam is accompanied by 3 bodies of water;the South China Sea, the Gulf of Thailand, and the Gulf of Tonkin.Cambodia, China, and Laos surrounds the inner part of Vietnam.
Vienam itself is a very small country compared to the rest of Asia, with a total area of 329,560 sq km, (slightly larger than New Mexico).Most of Vietnam’s land is low, flat delta regions in the North and South, hilly terrain in the central region, and mountainous in the far north.
The climate of Vietnam is extremely different to the rest of Asia, Tropical in the south and monsoonal in the north, with a hot rainy season, and a warm dry season.
The official language of vietnam is Vietnameese, while English is favored as a second language, while French and Chineese are also spoken.
Vietnam is always lively.Karoke sessions are very common in vietnam andusually dont end until around 11:00pm, and they sometimes start again around 4:30 am.Table manners of the Vietnamese always include the toothpick.They really go all out and try to get anything and everything out of their teeth and gums, bloody or not.
The main religion in Vietnam is Bhudist, while Christianity, (mostly Roman Catholic, and some Protestant) and Muslim are not far behind.
Vietnam isa communist state in Asia, with a legal system based on communist legal theory and the French civil law system.
The main natural resources of Vietnam are; phosphates, coal, maganese, bauxite, chromate, offshore oil and gas deposits, forests, and hydropower.
Vietnam manufactures alot of imported clothing and machiner to the United States.Other imports include food processing, oil, coal, steel, paper, mining, and cement.
Permanent Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has urged traf


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