To many people, the name "Vietnam" means only one thing, a painful war in the 1960s and 1970s in which the American and South Vietnam soldiers fought against South Vietnamese rebels and North Vietnam. But the country of Vietnam is more then just it's troubled past. It is a beautiful land, with rugged mountains, tumbling rivers, tropical beaches and lush fields of brilliant green rice. Vietnam has an ancient culture, rich with poets, scholars, artists, legends, and brave heroes. Most importantly, the Vietnamese are hard-working people, determined to survive and rebuild their country.
Vietnam's culture reaches back to Viet people who settled in northern Vietnam over two thousand years ago. Although many of today's customs and traditions are uniquely Vietnamese, several important features of the culture came from other places. The Chinese ruled Vietnam for hundreds of years and had great influence on its culture. The Vietnamese started following Chinese religions and used Chinese writhing symbols and medical practices. Through trade India also influence Vietnamese society. French rulers brought the European beliefs and customs. And during the war between the North and the South Vietnam, Americans also introduced their way of life to the Vietnamese.
The official name for Vietnam is The Socialist Republic of Vietnam; witch consists of 40 provinces and three municipalities. Vietnam is a communist
Country. The judicial system in Vietnam is based on the French Civil Code but modified to fit the Communist legal theory. Vietnams economy is predominantly agriculture. Rice cultivation alone accounts for 45% of the Gross National Product and 72% of the labour force.Vietnam has 71 million people (1995) and 85% are Vietnamese, only 2% of the population are Chinese. There are 60 different ethnic groups that make up the rest of Vietnam's population. Vietnam is among the most densely populated country in the…


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