turkish economy

It is a known fact that Turks have a very strong work ethic.Another key advantage is Turkeys low wage rate, significantly lower than others in the region.In America average employee for Jarcs Incorporated get paid $12 per hour.If we move production to Turkey, employees should get paid a generous $3.50 per hour.Employing 300 workers in Turkey will cost an average of $1050 as compared to $3600 in the US per day.This rate is a significant difference, as the cost of employment in America nearly quadruples the costs possibilities in Turkey.
Factory hours would consist of three 8 hour shifts.Beginning at 9 and running to 5, one hundred workers will be in the factory producing an expected amount of units.Next starting at 3 and running until 11, another hundred workers will continue to produce the product, and then towards the end of the shift packaging and storing will begin.Our final shift will consist of janitorial services as well as retooling machines. This allows us to make approximately 10,000 units per day, andannually a drastic improvement compared to the 2,000 units per day that were produced in 2001. Because our production will increase our average cost will decrease.
Approximately 98% of the Turkish population is Muslim and celebrate about 25 work recognized holidays as compared to America where our multiracial community may observe many different holiday's.Turkey has adopted the western culture and transformed its weekend holiday from Friday to Sunday back in 1924, which parallels our own and can allow for communication as well as transportation abilities.
Turkey is expected to become a member of the European Union by 2005.This will allow Turkey to then become a central gateway to both the European and Asian contents, which will inevitably permit growth in the market.
The country of Turkey provides incentive packages that involve some sort of tax relief."Investment allowances …


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