At the same moment Turkey has quarrels-disputes with its neighbors. I would like to discuss two of these problems. One of the disputes will be the Cyprus question with Greece. Cyprus, an island in the Eastern Mediterranean, at the crossroads of three continents – Europe, Asia and Africa. Its strategic position, its wealth in forests and mineral deposits, as well as its skilled craftsmen, made it the prized possession of the powers of the day. "Cyprus has been conquered and governed by various nations in its history as a result of its strategic location in the eastern Mediterranean. Among these were the Egyptians, Assyrians, Byzantines, Lusignans, Venetians, Ottomans, and the British. When the island gained its independence from the British in 1960, a partnership government was established between the Turkish and Greek Cypriot communities of the island" (http://www.turkishforum.com/cyprus/the_cyprus_question.baysal.html).
In the meantime Turkey surrendered all claim on Cyprus with the Lausanne Treaty it concluded with Greece in 1923. Over thefirst three years of independence relations between the Greek and Turkish Cypriots deteriorated. "Since the Greek independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1820’s, the people who call themselves Greek Cypriots today thought that they could obtain a similar independence, and eventually annex the island to Greece with the hope of resurrecting the once Byzantine Empire, by acquiring the permanently ‘lost lands’ (Megali Idea = Great Dream/Idea). This desire of union with Greece, ENOSIS, constitutes the entire roots of the Cyprus question today and is in fact still alive among the majority of Greek Cypriots in South Cyprus; (http://www.turkishforum.com/cyprus/the_cyprus_question.baysal.html).
In 1974 Turkey invaded the island, claiming this was to restore constitutional order. However, when the rightful government was restored, Turkish troops stayed on, implementing a long-held po…


Turkey is a country, which is located between two continents.These are Europe and Asia.Its neighbors are Greece, in the west, Iran and Iraq in the east, at north lies Russia, and in south is the Mediterranean Sea.It is a very geologically important country.The reason for that is that Turkey controls three different seas, which are the Black Sea, the Aegean Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea.The country has a very long history.It is the continuation of the old Ottoman Empire, which has ruled the whole Europe, part of Africa, and most of the Middle East for over three hundred years. This great history makes most of its neighbors very uncomfortable.Over these years, Turkey has been faced with a lot of problems from its neighbors.One of these is the Kurdish problem.
At this point, I would like to introduce you the Kurds.The Kurds are the people who live in the Northern part of Iraq, southwest of Iran, and southeastern part of Turkey.The Kurds claim that they are a nation and after the Serv Agreement they requested a considerable piece of land from those three countries.However, the land that they claim theirs is almost half of Turkey and the north part of Iraq.Both countries deny this and they both stated that not even a square foot of land will be given to the Kurds.This is where the problem begins.
The Turkish army has been fighting with Kurdish terrorists (PKK, Kurdish Independence Party) for over fifteen years now.In this regional war, Turkish government has spent ninety billion dollars and lost fifty five thousand civilians and soldiers. The war between the PKK and the Turkish army has no rules.Turkish villages have been attacked, bombed, burned to the ground, and most importantly the residents of these villages have been shot in front of their children by PKK.
As I stated above, the problem began in 1984.In that year, a terrorist group called PKK was formed and started bombing the consulates in t…


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