Tthe Tang Dynasty

The Tang Dynasty is one of the most well known Chinese dynasties. It was one of the most prosperous dynasties and is frequently referred to as the "golden age".
The Tang dynasty, founded by Li Yun and his son Li Shih-min along with the help of Turkish allies, ruled from 618 to 907. The strength of the early Tang was built directly on the organization of communications and administration established by the Sui.
The boundaries of this great empire expanded as the Tang armies defeated the Koreans in the north, the Vietnamese in the south, and the Tibetans and Turks in the west. By the middle of the 7th century, the Tang ruled large portions of Manchuria, Mongolia, Tibet and Turkistan.
There were many great achievements during this dynasty that helped the Tang to be so prosperous. The Empress Wu Zhoa restored the Han method of standardized government throughout China. They rebuilt the central bureaucracy and enlarged the civil service system in order to recruit more educated men in Confucian philosophy. The Tang emperors distributed land plots to peasants, which in-turn would weaken the power of large landowners. This also increased government revenues, since the peasants were now required to pay taxes. A system of canals increased internal trade and transportation.
In the Tang dynasty, family members were expected to help around the house. Only boys could get an education, but girls were to learn at home. The two main social classes were the gentry and the peasantry.The Gentry consisted of the scholars( scholarship was valued more than physical labor). Peasantry consisted most of the Chinese population. They worked on the land and lived on what they produced.Woman in the Tang held high status. They were to run the household and take care of any family affairs.
The Tang era was a time when Chinese sculpture flourished and paintings were considered masterful. From the literary perspective, poetry a


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