Topic:Unlike other countries, police in UK do not carry guns

Topic:Unlike other countries, police in UK do not carry guns. Some think it leaves citizen unprotected, other think it reduce the overall violence in the society. Please discuss.
Recently,this issue of police in UK do not carry guns has been brought into public focus.
some agree with this,some do not.Personally,I stand on the side of the latter,and I would
like to present two explanations to confirm why i am support it.
The main reason is that the guns is a kind of arm,which used toprotecet the citizen and
police.Example,one day,some gangsters break into a bank, fully armed, but policemen not
carry any arms.what they could do to protect the security of the bank and the innocent victims
who are hurt by gangsters.Maybe they can use their lives to protecet.Actually,If a policeman
cannot protect himself, not to mention to protect the social security.
Moving on to wider themes,it is also not good for society’s development.The guns also like
the authority .If the policemen not carry it, the criminals should be furious than before,
because they do not have to worry about them.Then the society will in the trouble that can
not control the violence rate,and the people can not feel any safety from the police,even
It is easy to conclude this issue has both positive and negative effects.Maybe sometimes
themishaps of innocent victims.but, I belive that if put the gun on the one who are
highly responsible for the society and the people,the voilencein society would be reduced.
From what has been discussed above,we can see police in UK do not carry guns does more harm
than good to citizen.Therefore,I strongly approve of the motion that I disagree with this.


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