To be Scottish

Discuss what it means to be Scottish in the 21st Century, consider how traditional views of Scottish identity are reflected in young Scots today.
In the newspaper just the other day Paul Brown spokesperson for Emerge, Glasgow's Youth Talent was quoted as saying "I'm blooming sick and tired of people assuming that I wear a kilt all day and wonder when the rain is going to stop pouring whilst waiting for "a Letter from America" I like to wear the Kilt but not all the time and I don't really like the Proclaimers!
To many people living outside of the United Kingdom Scotland is thought of as an independent nation but that is not the case. It is part of the U.K. so we are Brits although you would not think that the way the English see us. Whilst we may be considered Brits I think that many young people, like their parents before them, like to stay close to their own culture. Scottish stereotypes such as bagpipes, porridge, kilts, tatties, neeps and haggis, and the Scottish Thistle emblem do provide a distinct cultural difference between the Scottish people and the rest of Britain.
Many young Scots are fiercely patriotic. Such feelings emerge particularly After watchingthe film "Brave heart" or the one about "Rob Roy" The pride that is felt when singing "Flower of Scotland" or hearing it being sung by 60.000 voices at a rugby international cant be explained. There is also I think a tradition pride in our army regiments such as the Black watch which will never be lost.
Billy Connelly is a modern day icon within the world of comedy. He is recognized for his character sketches of the typical Scot and whilst "taking the mince" he manages to make it funny. Other comedians also often use the Scots to describe them as being meanies and always drunk. This is not the case and young people I think get a little upset at this image created of them.


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