Tituba, black witch of salem

There are things I found common and different since I came form Nigeria to United States.These things have taught me how to plan and how to set up goals in life.Choosing something, achieving them, as well as impacting other's life had made me strong and independent.These things are education and Culture.
Education is very important in Nigeria and in United States, it is obligated that parents should send their children to school to learn how to read and write.As a result, their children would become habituated, adjusted, and work well with the society.Also, in both countries educational levels are set up in same sort like Elementary, Primary, Secondary, and University.Moreover maturity and awareness determines the educational level of a child. On the other hand, both countries tend to have different method of helping parents and children attend school. For instance, paying school fees, in Nigeria families are not offer free schooling, parents do not have an option to borrow loan from any institutions, parents have more responsibilities; they are responsible for paying school fees, providing school supplies, and caring for the school organization.But in United States free schooling is provided for families, parents however have the options to borrow money from any institutions, parents have less responsibility; they send their kids to school while, government provides money, school supplies, and takes care of the school system.Another example are students, in Nigeria more students take their school work very seriously, they stress more to get good grades in school, they work hard to
learn, and they dedicate themselves more in a lot of activities.They also value education because traditionally they exemplify as role model for their family and their country.Because of this reason many students in Nigeria are brought up with good behavior and being intelligent.But in United States few students hardly take …