The Word Love

I have never used the word ?®Love?? to my common college friends. I think that I use the word ?®Love?? to my family (parents, wife expectant baby) and my country when I was in the army; everybody will be patriot when they join the army. In most case, I do not use the word ?®Love??, especially in my college life. However, I love to say ?®I love?? sentence when I speak with English.
I was in university for four years in Korea. However I had never been heard of love words and I never said that ?®I love you, my friend??. Most Korean stingy to say a love word to others, include me. Koreans feel abashed in that situation, even if they are husband and wife, most husbands in Korea do not say ?®I love you, honey?? to their wives.
I am very surprised that every American people love to say love words in their life. Atfirst, I thought that ?®Oh, they are full of love, I already like American people!?? however, they use it too much to everything. At this time, I cannot trust them when they say ?®I love?? sentence, because that most American love everything, hence I am not sure that they really love it. I barely understand that it is cultural gap between me and American friends.
However, now days, when I speak with English with my friends, I usually say that ?®I love?? words. It is very comfortable way to use English; even I think that English made for ?®Love??. Every language has own specification, it is a magic of language I think.
What if most people who use English do not say love word when they are talking? It will be awful; because of we already trained with the word ?®Love?? in English. I love to say ?®I love?? sentence when I speak with English, I think that is what American English is.


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