The Tribes of Mali

Mali is very much like other African countries in that it is composed of many diverse, native tribes.These tribes and their unique cultures play an important role within the agricultural system of Mali.The manner in which tribesmen interact both individually and collectively is one of the many influences they wield.As important, are the religious and spiritual traditions that they have practiced for centuries.The customs of the people have both shaped and been shaped by the semi-arid climate of Mali.The cultural and agricultural systems are also intimately linked to the political systems that were and are now in place today.The culture of the people has been shaped with the presence of the French colonists many years ago and is currently being molded because of the political structure currently in place.Having existed for centuries, the native people of Mali have a very far-reaching history.As this paper's focus is on the present agricultural system of Mali, the tribes will be examined only how they exist today except where some history is needed to explain an existing situation.
The people of Mali are divided into seven ethnic tribes: the Bamana, Bobo, Bwa, Dogon, Fulani, Senufo, and Tuareg.These seven groups maintain distinct territories, although it is not uncommon to observe ethnic merchants, tradesmen, or herders throughout the country.In addition, the populations that exist within the larger cities are much more diverse. Despite this the Bamana are primarily located around the capital of Bamako, and the large cities of Segou, Bougouni, and Djenne.This area is centralized around the Niger.The location has made the Bamana more successful than the other tribes and is perhaps one of the main reasons that they make up most of the elected government.As a subgroup of the larger Mande culture, the Bamana speak Bamana, which is a dialect of Mande.Existing 2 million strong the Bamana established importan…


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