The Chinese Civilization

The history of ancient Chinese civilization has always fascinated people, perhaps,
in recent times more than ever.More than one billion Chinese people live in the world
today.There are many characteristics that can unite and give a common identity to such
an enormous amount of people.Some of these characteristics lie in the long history of
the land, different in language, geography, literature, science, and math.All of these
views have been reflected during different times in the Chinese history.
China's geography is very distinctive than other countries.China is located in the
Southeast Asia, on the East Coast of the Pacific Ocean.The climate of China is similar
to the United States.Temperate climates prevail within desert and semiarid regions in
the western interior.A small area of tropical climate in the extreme Southeast.Many
crops are grown in China such as grain, cotton, and oil seeds.Many farm families choose
to specialize in a particular market crop like fresh vegetables or cut flowers.China needs
rivers to survive, without rivers China could not produce rice (their main crop).Large
citrus orchards are found in the central of the rivers.In the far South, you find bananas
and other tropical fruit .The rivers also make the land fertile for the farmers or land
owners to plant.One of the many problems that China faces in the late twentieth century
is over population.In an effort to control, the growth of China's population the Chinese
government has set up a system of rewards and penalties designed to encourage one-child
families.Couples are urged to sign pledges that they will have only one child and
received bonus for doing so.If they have two or more children, however they must pay a
heavy fine, also pay for the education and medical care for the extra children.
China is not the world's oldest civilization, but it doe…


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