The Chinese and Cuban Revolutions

Do you know what a revolution is?Well according to Webster it is an effort to
overthrow a government and set up a new one usually by violent means.Revolutions are
never cased by just one thing.There is usually plenty of background agitation set off by
an event.A revolution can't simply replace one government for another though.No
government is willing to allow its self to be replaced by another just like that.They are
going to fight back.Along with a new government comes suffering and hardships
making the transfer. Revolutions often seek to reform political, economic, and social
conditions, yet they may often lead to the reverse.
The Cuban Revolution of 1959 was officially started on July 26,1953 when a
group of revolutionaries led by Fidel Castro Ruz attacked Cuban army barracks at
Moncada.This was not the sole purpose of the revolution though.There was plenty
background agitation leading up to this event, most of which was caused by one man
leading the country, Fulgencio Batista.He controlled Cuba on and off from both the
background and foreground, as legal leader.Batista actually wanted to reform the Cuban
economy which led to his seizure of power in the 1950's.While under the control of
Batista Cuba suffered in many areas.
Unemployment was one of these areas.Unemployment led to all sorts of
hardship. 43% of the rural population was illiterate. 60% lived in huts with earth floors
and thatched roofs. 2/3 lived without running water and only 1 out of 14 families had
electricity. Daily nutrition was terrible. Only 4% of rural families ate meat regularly. Most
subsisted on rice, beans and root crops. Bad diet and housing caused bad health. 13% of
the population had a history of typhoid, 14% tuberculosis and over 1/3 intestinal
Another area in Which Cuba suffered while under Batista's control was the
backwardness in the countryside.The main c…


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