summary of “Two Paths from Kabul”

At thefirst part the author tell us their life in Kabul.Her mother was a teacher.Her father was a physician.Her parents had liberal and democratic mind. After Soviet invasion,her father was hold in the prison because he refused to join the puppet government.when she came to see father,he was brave and told her she shouldn??t cry.At that time,she was only 6 years old.Her mother went to government bureaus to rescue her husband when he was in prison.During this period,her mother met all kinds of difficulties.Some officers abused her and others wanted to tempt her.Because of a brave lawyer and lot of luck,her father was released in a month.After that,they move to Kabul city.There were many friends to visit their home.They are Intellectuals and professionals.Her mother??s colleagues also visited her mother.But after mid-1980s,more and more people fled the country.
In the next introduction explains,the autor mentions why she was careful for Deyana.During this time,the author attended a public school.She knew her best friend Deyana at school.Because both of them loved poetry and novel,they often talked and study.They went to all girls school when they attended high school.Their two boy Friends were going to be drafted after finished because of political reason.Her father decided to flee with them when her brother turned this age.The opposition forces were fighting with the Soviet and government.
In the next part,they left Kabul and went to Pakistan.By the journey,the author got a brief introduction to her homeland.In Pakistan,her parents decidee to go to Canada,so they flew to Canada and settle in Moncton. They began a new life in Canada.The author met many new thing and new difficulties after she went to high school.She told Deyana her new life in Canada because she still kept communiction with her best friend.
In this part,the author told us about Deyana??s status.At that same time,Dayana tol


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