Sikh marriages

The Sikh Marriages Ravi General purpose: Inform
Specific Purpose: To inform about Sikh Marriages.
Attention Getter:Stereotypes. I know that everyone has some sort of stereo about an aspect of culture. The Sikh culture has its stereotypes of arrange marriages. I know that in the last 10-15 year this stereotype has began to fade away. I'm here to educate your mind on this stereotype.
v Most of the time the marriages are arranged.
v Its not just not when two bodies are being unites its more like the two souls being untied
v The marriage ceremony (Anand Karage) is performed in front of "Guru Granth" (religious book of Sikhism).
v They are being united by the use of the Anand Karage. This is a way in which the 2 souls are being brought together.
v Each verse explains the four stages of love and married life.
v This marriage Ceremony is preformed by reading the 4 verses called (lava) from the holy book, which is called the, Guru Granth.
Later we will discuss the meaning of the crucial lava verses, and the significance it has on these arranged marriages.
With educating you on arrange marriages I would like to tell you all aspects of it. Which would include divorces in some rare cases.
Now Sikh culture mind you does not encourage divorces.
Sikh marriages are not treated as a damn social contract but rather as a fusion of 2 souls into one.
According to the guru the bride and groom should love each other above anyone else.
1.Arranged marriages and love marriage
1.Anand Karage meaning, "ceremony of bless". The fourth Guru, Guru Ramdas originally composed Lava, the wedding song, to celebrate a holy union between human soul (Athma) and God (Parmatma).The Guru wishes that our married life should also be molded on the ideal laid down for our union with the Parmatma (God).


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