Scuss about current cultural shift in contemporary Japanese

Japan’s brutal colonial rule over the Korean peninsula during thefirst half of the 20th Century left many Koreans distrustful of their larger neighbor. Therefore South Korean government banned importing Japanese cultures including music and films after the liberation. It was only in 1998 that South Korea’s government began to relax a ban on distributing and selling Japanese pop music and films. This had a great impact in Korea, but more in Japan as Korean marketers decided to occupy Japanese market. While ethnic Koreans make up the largest minority in Japan, they have often faced discrimination and been treated as second-class citizens. Second class citizen includes an aboriginal Japanese people in Japanese society and they have alien registration card which foreigners obtain. Even in APU there are few Korean-Japanese, known as ethnic Korean, who can not speak Korean at all. There nationality is stated as Japanese but still treated with discrimination. Fortunately, these attitudes are changing. 2002 jointly-hosted World Cup was successful in both the result and in better understanding of each nation, when Korea was firmly in Japan’s media spotlight.
Korean pop star BoA now tops the Japanese charts and;Brotherhood;, which is a Korean movie about Korean War, took the Japanese box office by storm this summer.
But much of the current boom has been fuelled by a Korean TV series drama called;A Winter Sonata;, and its leading man Bae Yong-joon, or Yon-sama as he is affectionately known in Japan. Today, Yon-sama is well known celebrity in Japan, and he has lighted up Korean boom in Japan result many people to learn Korean. Yon-sama is so popular that even Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi recently joked, “Yon-sama is more popular than me.”
Korean cultural storm is also happening in South East Asia including China and Taiwan. But Yon-sama is not the case of the boom. This is not thefirst time that J…


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