In class on February 13th, we watched the Russian folk music group perform.They were a group of graduate and undergraduate students and they sang seasonal folk music.In their performance, they sang nine songs.Thefirst song was named "Come Let us Bow Down to Christ."The second song was from Tolstoy's War and Peace.This song was about a beer brewer that tried to lure girls.While they were singing this song, Professor Kalbouss danced around on stage.The third song was a wedding ritual song.It was sung when the bride sings to her girlfriends.It showed her moving on to a new part of her life.The fourth song was sung and danced at a wedding feast.It celebrated happiness.We were told that quail means happiness.While this song was sang, they stomped their feet and danced around.The fifth song was a funny and joking song.It was started by a community that was exiled to Siberia.The sixth song was sang during Resolka Week.The Balalika, which is the most known Russian instrument, was played during the song.The seventh song was a song in which the singers made fun of each other.The eighth song was sung just by the men.The final song was sung by the whole group and there was clapping and stomping feet during the song.The professor danced during this song also.
I liked the songs in which they danced and stomped their feet.I like when there is movement that goes along with the singing.I think it makes the music more energetic.I thought the dancing from the professor was very entertaining.
I thought the performers did a great job of presenting Russian Folk Music.I liked how they explained where the songs would be sung and by which people. Also, they really got into the music they were singing.The part I did not like about the performance was that I could not understand the words they were singing. Even though I could not understand the words they were singing, I was v…


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