Quebec should not separate

Quebec should remain in Canada for numerous reasons.Not all Quebecers wish to separate from Canada, only portions of Francophones do. A unilateral declaration of independence would ignore the wishes of the immigrants, natives and Anglophones to remain in Canada.This is unfair and undemocratic.The Supreme Court of Canada ruled against unilateral declaration of independence as well.Quebec separatists argue about the province being underprivileged while it receives more funding than any other province and that the French culture and language are in danger of assimilation.
The separatists leave out those who are not Francophone.Their desire to separate is undemocratic by including those who wish to stay in Canada in a unilateral declaration of independence.Northern Quebec has its own native population comprising of Cree, Inuit and Innu.When the Quebec native Inuit held their own referendum asking, “do you agree that Quebec should become sovereign?”95% of them voted no to that question. (Makivik) Clearly, the natives are against Quebec sovereignty. The Innuit have declared that they will use their legal rights to remain in Canada in the event of a Quebec separation.In 1996, Zebedee Nungak, leader of the Inuit of Nunavik (northern Quebec) delivered a speech representing the Innuits' view regarding Quebec sovereignty. The Innuit "prefer a strong Quebec within a united Canada." (Makivik) He hinted that if Quebec votes to separate from Canada, Inuit will remain in Canada.Furthermore, Nungak claims that the Inuit signed the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement with Quebec in Canada. If Quebec leaves, then no one can ascertain the Inuits' position on Quebec.
Furthermore, the Cree natives wish to remain in Canada in the event of a Quebec separation. The Cree feel that they are a people with a right to self-determination recognized under international law.They maintain that their territory will n…


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