Prosess of making Russian Vodka

Since ancient times Russians were known for their drinking habits, and often when I introduce myself as a Russian, thefirst respond I get is: "Oh, so you are drinking a lot of vodka!" Vodka always played a great role through the history of our country thus, deserving the status of a most popular Russian alcoholic drink. Slavic tribal people, powerful tsars and poor peasants knew it .It is now known to every Russian person regardless his status or position. There is no wedding, no funeral, no grief and no happiness if there is no a bottle of Vodka on the table and you don't feel this slightly burning and at the same time unbelievably smooth liquid running through your throat, gently filling every cell of your body with a pleasant warmth. Moreover, you can hardly find a disease that can't be cured by a mouthful of vodka.
The quality and taste of vodka didn't really change through the history, however the process of it's manufacturing was greatly modified. The invention of high-technological devises had a great impact on it. It made the process easier, cheaper and much faster. Nevertheless, most Russians, especially those who were born and raised in countryside, deliberately accept only traditional process of making this alcoholic drink.
The process of manufacturing vodka at home is complicated and very precise. Russians say: "If you want vodka to burn your heart and to cool your mind-you should give up not only a piece of your knowledge, but a piece of your soul as well." If you want to savor soft and slightly burning taste of pure Russian vodka and wake up next morning with a clear mind, cautiously follow the steps that this process requires.
The process of making vodka starts with the water preparation process. To make vodka absolutely clear you should use mineral water in the process of manufacturing it.


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