Politics. What an extraordinary thing!. It‘s a passion. Unfortunately, Argentina doesn‘t know anything about politics. Let me explain myself. If we do a flashback, we will find that Argentina‘s external and internal policies have been disastrous. "The past explains the present". The past has to be always present because the past will be a tool to look at the errors so that we don‘t make the same mistakes again. But Argentina hasn‘t done this. We always do the same mistakes again. It is known that the government of De la Rua (1999-2001) was well compared to the government of Cámpora(1945). But what about the "piqueteros"?. I can‘t seem to find an answer to this embarrassment. It is an embarrassment that citizens can‘t walk peacefully on a street or that other citizens can‘t get on time to their jobs just because some of them think that they own our country. Ok, I agree that the National constitution has some rights that must be respected but they got to the point in which they are abusing. The National Constitution also has other rights in which some articles quote that there must be freedom of walking down a street without being physically damaged. This right concerns to us all. And what about the violence that their manifestations are based on?. The Constitution also says that citizens are allowed to do manifestations unless this damages the others. And this manifestations damages the whole population. So if we put this in a balance, justice give the right to do a manifestation and we have the right to get to work on time. So, how can we solve this problem?. The government isn‘t doing a thing, we can‘t do much and they are supported by the law. This is the major problem that the actual government needs to solve now and not tomorrow. Now, how about Nina Castells, the wife of Castells?. She is supposed to be the leader of the piqueteros and she goes…


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