PC Bang

According to the dictionary,'banging' means hitting noisily or bumping.However, among Korean Americans,'banging' means going to'PC Bang'. 'Bang' means a room in Korean and'PC Bang' simply means the place where people can use personal computers to play games or surf Internet with faster speed. 'PC Bang' was started in Korea and it came to America by Korean Americans few years ago and only few months ago to Irvine. 'PC Bang' became popular among not only young Korean Americans but also among some who aren't used to this Korean culture.
After'PC Bang' became popular, I have been spending numerous times in'PC Bang' playing Counter Strike, which is one of the most famous computer games played on net.After church, my friend told me'Let's go banging'.Atfirst, I didn't understand what he was saying, but when he explained that he meant to say'Let's go to'PC Bang to play games', I found out that this expression is in fact used quite often among the patrons of'PC Bang'.Since then, I too started to use this expression when I want to ask my friends to go to'PC Bang'.Just few days ago, I told my friend'Let's go banging' and he didn't understand just like me when Ifirst heard that expression, so I told him what it meant.Now, almost all my friends are familiar with the term'banging'.
The dictionary meaning of word'slang' is a vocabulary of casual or playful, often short-lived expressions used especially for humor, irreverence, or striking effect.Some people are against the use of slang expressions insisting that slang expressions damage the right use of English.However, I think the use of slang expressions give liveliness to the usual everyday dialogue, since slang expressions are usually interesti


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