Palestinian Children

Cause and Effect
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Palestinian Children

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Children will become our future generation who will lead us to a more productive society.Authoritative figures help influence children psychologically and help mold the decisions they will make.In most cases, we teach them right from wrong, but what's right for us may not be correct for them.The sad thing is that most of the time children will follow what the authoritative figure tells them even if it's not right.
In the Palestinian community, "many Palestinians misuse their children in various ways."The Palestinians use their children in battle.The Palestinians refer to the attacks as "martyrdom operations" or military operations."For example, " Palestinian snipers hide among groups of youngsters, on roof tops or in alleys often using kids a s shields when aiming at exposed IDF soldiers."
The children are being influences from their society, but mainly they are strongly influences right from their home." The pressure to sacrifice oneself in the intifada often originates at home.""Lauding the role of children in the struggle and the importance of matyrdom, many Palestinian parents have come to view the role of youth in the uprising as useful and, indeed, honorable.This is hard to believe but it's understandable especially when you live in a war field.They have beliefs such as the martyrdom and the jihad (holy war) and this is what establishes the minds of the parents.This is a reason why they teach their children to be violent. "Martyrs- people who die for the sake of jihad(holy war) and Islam-are held in such high regard by the Palestinian people that at times parents accept the death of their children as a badge of pride.Another reason why the Palestinian parents want their children to become a martyr is that they will receive cash for a child that's killed or wounded.
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