People around the world have many different views on what is considered proper etiquette.If one decides to do business without being informed of the customs and etiquette of the area, there is a slim chance that their business dealings will work out.When a representative is sent to another country, the representative is not only representing their business but also their country and themselves.To make sure you leave a good impression, when doing business with another country, one must be well informed on the area, culture, and business practices of that country.
If you are a representative sent to Norway,first you should know a little about the area.Norway occupies the western part of the Scandinavian Peninsula and shares borders with Sweden, Finland and Russia.Norway has a long coastline and a mountainous interior that is blanketed by some of Europe's largest glaciers.Over 500 sq km of Norway lies north of the Arctic Circle, but the country's western coast usually remains ice free year-round due to the warm waters of the Gulf Stream.The country is at its best and brightest from May to September, and at its worst between November and March when average temperatures are below freezing.Midnight-sun days are days when the sun never drops below the horizon; these days extend from May 13 to July 29 at Nordkapp in the far north and from May 28 to July 14 in the Lofoten Islands.Southern Norway has daylight from 4 am to 11 pm in midsummer.On the other hand, the sun does not rise in the north from the end of November to the end of January.Knowing this you can plan what to wear.
Secondly, you should know about the business dealings and economy of the area.Norway is a wealthy country with extensive offshore oil and gas reserves and traditional industries based on natural resources such as timber, aluminum, fishing, farming, and shipping.The country is almost self sufficient in hydroelectric power and e…


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