North Africa

In North Africa there is the country Algeria. Algeria is an interesting country because it is 99% Sunni Muslim. Christian and Jewish are the other 1%. They have only those three religions. Their Ethnic groups are Arab and Berber that equal 99%. European is less than 1%. They do not have as many ethnic groups as other countries in Africa do. They actually only have a small amount. They gained their independence in 1962 after an 8-year battle between them and France. The French owned them until 1962. There official language is Arabic but they also have Berber dialects and some French. The government of Algeria is republic just like most of the stable countries like us. The president of Algeria is Abdelaziz Bouteflika. He has been president since 1937 and is still going. Some of the major cities are Algiers the capital, In Salah, and Tamanresset is the other main cities there. There natural resources that most are exported are petroleum, natural gas, iron, phosphate, uranium, zinc. They have quite a few natural resources. The climate there is is really hot and arid. There landforms are the Atlas Mountains on the coast. It's 919, 590 square miles and is second largest country.
Another country in North Africa is Egypt. Where all the pyramids are. Egypt is a very old country; it has been around a while. The interesting thing is they only have two religions that are Muslim and Coptic Christian.There ethnic groups are Greek, Nubian, American. They do have a few Americans, isn't that a surprise. They gained their independence 1922 from the United Kingdom. The world's oldest civilizations. The climate in Egypt is hot and dry summers and moderate winters. The landform there is the desert. The natural resources are petroleum, natural gas, Iron Ore, and limestone. They also are the exports for there country. They speak three different languages Arabic, French and English. They do not have an official langue because they speak al…


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