I had heard that the Korean play Nanta was a very popular play, Nanta literally

means crazy cooking chef. I was fortunate enough to get a seat directly in front of the

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stage. I was astonished at the crowed that had shown up to see the show. The play opened

with the stage being illuminated by three candles, the candles were held three figures, a

woman, a muscular man, and a tall slender man. The figures placed the candles on

oriental tables which had already been placed on stage. Along side the candles there were

small aluminum rice bowls and chopsticks. The figures began tapping the bowls slowly

and steadily the tempo picked up, creating a eerie sound. The figures blew out the

candles. The tempo slowed down from all the figures tapping to just a single person

tapping and then silence.

The stage lights were turned on and we were thrown into a restaurant scene,

where the restaurant manager had given his three best chefs the task of preparing a feast

for a wedding ceremony and also help is nephew become a Nanta chef. Each chef had is

or her own cutting utensil. Thefirst, I called young boy, was the managers nephew, was a

younger, smaller chef. He used razor sharp carving knives. The second, I called strong

boy, was young and had a muscular build. His specialty was two hatchets. The third, I

called young girl she was short and slender and used two slim narrow knives. The last I

called old boy, was the oldest and tallest of the three. He also had caring knives.

Thump, thump, thump, chunks of cucumber, carrot, onion, and cabbage were

flung through the air. As each chef began cutting, chopping and slicing the vegetables on

their mini gas stoves. The stoves not higher then the chefs waist, were equipped with

wooden chopping boards, cymbals and a burring eye for cooking. The chefs began

moving the stoves around the stage as if they were synchronized swimm…


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